Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about the five developmental areas?

You can always start by talking with your pediatrician.  Also, you can do an Ages and Stages questionnaire.  You can email or call the Family Resource Connection at the NH State Library and they will mail you a copy of the appropriate Ages and Stages Questionnaire for free.

I have concerns about my infant's or toddler's development...

African American GirlIf you have concerns about your infant to 3-year-old child’s development, you can start with your child’s pediatrician.  The pediatrician can help you determine your child’s growth and development in the five developmental areas.  The five developmental areas:

  1. Cognitive Development which includes skills needed to understand and process information and make decisions

  3. Physical Development which includes gross motor skills needed for sitting up, rolling over, crawling and walking as well as fine motor skills needed for chewing and swallowing, grasping, writing, using a paint brush or a spoon, vision and hearing

  5. Communication Development which includes skills involved in listening, understanding and expressing both verbal and non-verbal language

  7. Social/Emotional Development which includes skills involved in relating to other people and showing emotions

  9. Adaptive Development which includes self-help skills such as feeding, toileting, sleeping and accepting change in one’s environment

You can also consider making a referral for Early Intervention Services, which are also called Family Centered Early Supports and Services in NH. 


What is Early Intervention / Early Supports and Services?

Who is eligible for ESS Services?

How do I contact Early Intervention / Early Supports and Services?